The actual cost of owning a thing..

Since getting married (after getting pregnant) wasn’t part of our plan, even after dating for five years, my husband and I never explored the idea of investing in a house together. And you know, looking back, I wonder why. Are we not sure of each other?? I mean, I’ll be turning 30 in just a few years’ time then, and he’ll soon follow a couple of years after that (I am two and half years older than him).

So when I had an emergency C-section to deliver our son, which meant that we could no longer push through with our original plan of continuing to live together with college friends in an apartment, we were introduced to the idea of having a house to ourselves, even if we don’t own it.

For more than a year, it was practically bare of any essential thing that you would look for in a house, except for a small clothes cabinet we bought before our son was born. I would dread having visitors around, because we didn’t even have decent dinnerware!

And big projects came along, and we’re finally able to pay up some debts, which enabled us to finally buy furniture that we’ve been eyeing! The biggest purchase that we probably did was our sofa from Our Home. It was love at first sight. Our son even loved it even before we decided to finally go for it.

But, as they say, “You can’t have nice things when you have kids”. It’s really true! Because after just a month since it was delivered to our house, our cozy sofa has suffered unimaginable things from our toddler: milk, water, food, pee, cookies, crumbs. It wasn’t long before my husband and I started to question ourselves if we’ve made the right decision to purchase something as pricey as the sofa with a toddler around. It wasn’t easy to clean especially with the stains it has sustained over the past 15 months. If it weren’t for the power vacuum from my inlaws, we probably had ended up paying more in cleaning for it. My husband recently purchased a cleaning solution online, but it still wasn’t enough to restore it to its original state, as the seller advertised it. Not even restored to half of its original state.

Reading further into The Minimalists posts, I’ve learned that:

But the true cost of a thing goes well beyond the price on the pricetag.

The cost of…
Storing the thing.
Maintaining the thing.
Cleaning the thing.
Watering the thing.
Feeding the thing.
Charging the thing.
Accessorizing the thing.
Refueling the thing.
Changing the oil of thing.
Replacing the batteries of the thing.
Fixing the thing.
Repainting the thing.
Taking care of the thing.
Thinking about the thing.
Worrying about the thing.
Protecting the thing.
Replacing the thing.

When you add it all up, the actual cost of owning a thing is nearly immeasurable. So we better choose carefully what things we bring into our lives, because we can’t afford every-thing.

We probably shouldn’t own a sofa in about… uhmm.. Let’s see. Next five years, perhaps?


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