Discovery at S&R

My husband’s family are a big fan of shopping at S&R, and I am not. I mean, the grocery at the mall would suffice for our weekly needs, and I didn’t think we’d need to buy food and things in bulk, as there were only three of us at home. We usually just accompany them after a family lunch and be content with just looking at the aisles (especially the cheese!!) I don’t usually visit the meat and chicken section because I thought they were a little bit expensive compared to the local grocery.

Until recently. My mother-in-law bought chicken legs at a much cheaper price than at the grocery we usually shop at. It’s surprisingly Php 40 per kilo less! I still didn’t buy because I was doubtful about the quality as it looks very frozen to me. The chicken was served during my sister-in-law’s birthday, and boy, it tasted good! It tasted like native chicken but wasn’t rubbery even if it wasn’t tenderized.

Last week, we went to S&R again and the first thing I did was check out the meat and chicken section. The pork and beef were understandably pricier but the chicken, they were really cheaper! My parents-in-law bought a 15-kilo quarter cut chicken for just Php 116 per kilo. I was about to buy the breast part but my MIL suggested we’d just share with the quarter cut.

So if you’re like me who used to think that everything in S&R is expensive, head to the meat section and find your gold there.


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