July 2018 Expense Report

Phew! Another month has gone by. Fortunately, in my quest to put our finances in place before I take my maternity leave this coming December, or my plan to be a full-time homemaker hopefully by next year, I have continued doing the pen and paper thing to record our expenses and transfer it to Excel. It was quite difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, it gets easier especially if your categories and subcategories are already mapped out.

So for July, I am happy to report that we were able to spend 30% less compared to last month. Hooray!

July 2018 Expenses 2

As expected, Food is the top expense we have although the amount was 44% lesser than the amount we spent last month. It was followed by Household, which increased by 179% compared to last month because we purchased a center table (that we have been looking for months now). It was on sale at Mandaue Foam so we figured we might as well buy it.

July 2018 Expenses

So what have I done to lessen our expenses? I have been cooking a lot in July, which really cut down our food expenses, since we rarely ate outside. There was also one weekend where we spent only a hundred pesos (thanks to my in-laws hehehe). I also limited my grocery shopping to once or twice a month, and bought food at the nearby wet market every other day. I used to do it every week (!), even if the only things I needed were shampoo, bath soap, and laundry soap. And then, since I am already there, might as well buy things I really don’t need, like extra diapers, extra soap, extra everything that’s not on my list. Doing it really helped trim down our grocery expenses!





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