Not just worth the hassle.

Here’s an update on the post I wrote a few weeks ago:

Up until now, Z still haven’t fully paid her balance. I have collected 75% of the total amount excluding the interest, but not without much prodding on my part. If I haven’t reminded her again and again, I probably still haven’t collected that much.

This is a very painful and stressful lesson for me. I’ve already been through this before with my sister, but this time it was different. Probably because I have really trusted Z to keep her promise. Until last Friday.

She told me she will pay in full on Thursday, but only asked her about it on Friday through Messenger. Why Messenger? Why not face to face as we are only a few steps away from each other? This is because, I can sense that she isn’t comfortable with people asking for payment personally and so am I. This is probably the reason why I shouldn’t have done it in the first place. I suck at asking people for money they owe me.

Anyway, she replied that she will pay me that day. No more other details. However, when I went to their area, I was told by my other officemate that she went outside for an office-related chore and would probably be back late. She didn’t mention this on Messenger. What really irked me is how she made me feel as if I was someone not worth updating on her plans on paying me, that is if she really ever had one, which I doubt.

I just exploded there and then and had left messages on her Messenger. By Saturday morning I really lost it and laid down my last card, and told her something about her wedding. I was so angry that by the time I read back my messages, I wanted to take them back. That wasn’t me. I wasn’t like that. I felt really really bad. No matter how much I rationalize my actions and words, that she deserves it, it still didn’t feel right. I will never do it again. It’s just not worth the hassle.

Update: She already paid the full amount, including the interest.

Update 2: She unfriended me on Facebook. How did I know since I already unfollowed her? Well, she messaged another officemate about her “friend request”, saying that she didn’t know how she had unfriended some of her friends on FB. Whatever. It’s not as if we’re born yesterday. Hahaha! Anyway, I was just offended because I wasn’t the first one to do it! I was still considering her feelings and only went as far as unfollowing her. Duh..


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