Why I blocked my husband on Facebook.



I saw a friend share a status about unfriending her husband on Facebook. Well for me, I did not just unfriend my husband, I blocked him on Facebook and Messenger. The reason? Well, I really can’t remember. It must have been so petty for me to forget about it. Hahaha!

I had actually forgotten I blocked him until he asked about it. He discovered it accidentally when he opened the Messenger app on my iPad to send a picture to his account. He then asked me why I blocked him and ranted about what if in cases of emergencies and then I’ll have no other means of communication other than Facebook. Pfff! As if he regularly checks his Facebook. Eh I know he’s only on the app for his computer needs and Ragnarok. And really? In emergency cases I don’t think I’ll log into Facebook and send him a message. I’ll probably call my mother-in-law or sisters since chances are, he won’t also be checking his phone.

I don’t know, but I really find it not important whether we’re friends or we follow each other on every social media app there is. As long as we’re friends in real life, I think we’re good. And besides, even if I message him on Messenger, chances are he’ll only be able to read it once I told him about it. I also don’t like tagging him in posts and I’d rather send links to him instead. via email or Skype. If it’s not that important, I don’t make follow ups but if it is, I talk about it with him before going to sleep.

I’m also not bothered not being recognized as the wife online. (But he’d better recognize me in real life or else…) Well, I think this maybe because we started out as not really Facebook official in the first place? I mean, only a handful of people knows about when and how our relationship started and I loved it the way it is. Well, there was this one time though where I asked him why he has not liked or approved a photo of our baby (where he’s tagged) and turned out, he doesn’t even know how to approved tagged posts!

I don’t think I have to mark my territory online. What’s the point, really? I mean, I don’t care if his Facebook friends (which isn’t much by the way) thinks he’s still single. I don’t even remember if he has a profile picture of us two but I know his recent profile picture was that of him and our almost two-year old son. Anddddd… I rarely get jealous. And my husband rarely gives me the reason to be jealous. *Cheret*

According to this article (it’s an American study though), a recent survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers found that Facebook is cited in one in five divorces in the United States. Also, more than 80 percent of divorce lawyers reported a rising number of people are using social media to engage in extramarital affairs.

While divorce is not permitted in the Philippines, I have witnessed Facebook being one of the culprits why my married friends fight (dunno the Philippine statistics on separation). And this does not only involve married friends, even those who aren’t married but are in a committed relationship are also involved too.

“Why did you like his/her picture?”

“Why did he/she send you a smiley?”

To be honest, it has been a while since I checked my husband’s Facebook and Messenger account. I don’t know if he’s checking my accounts but he has access to my phone and all my accounts are logged into his computer at home. We don’t really have a policy about logging into each other’s account, or checking each other’s phone messages. I don’t think he’d be much interested in my conversations with friends and family and the same goes for me. If I may add, he looks at boring stuff. And his Ragnarok conversations? I could understand my two-year old more.

In fact, the only time I have obsessed over his accounts was when we were on a time off but we’re not yet married at that time. It even came to a point where I check even his recent searches (looking for a certain name and I have found my evidence, took a screenshot, and made it his screensaver Hahahaha!). Turned out, he doesn’t even know how to clear searches on his account.

Anyway, I am not saying I will NEVER check or look into his accounts. But for now, I won’t lose sleep checking his accounts every night. And yes, not unblocking him still.

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash


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