Our reality as of now…

Week after week, I often scratch my head how I wasn’t able to cross out all the doable things on my to-do list, like cleaning Clark’s high chair and putting it back inside before it disintegrates after being subjected to rain and sunshine for months, or even simply mopping the kitchen floor. I know the reason behind it (yes Facebook and Instagram I am talking to you!) yet I still chose to continue with what I was doing.


Last weekend, I decided to make little adjustments, as we know change does not happen overnight. It’s not a complete overhaul but it’s taking tiny steps. That adjustment is to not check social media unless I am done with the things I had to before checking social media. Things like, washing the dishes, putting away my son’s toys in the morning, sweeping the floor, wiping the dining table after every meal, among other things.

Before we went home to Samal to celebrate my mama’s 65th birthday and nephew’s 15th, I tried to make our house a little tidier instead of leaving it uncleaned. Not the deep cleaned type but you know, things are in their right places. And guess what, I felt relaxed even if the trip back home took almost two hours and we arrived at 10PM. I have been doing this little thing since Monday and so far, I am loving the results.

I decided to up my game and made a detailed list of tasks I had to do to make things a little easier for me at home as a helper-less mother (with a toddler!) who is currently in her second pregnancy and working an 8-5 job.

These are the list of things I came up with based on our current living situation:

Cleaning Tasks - Pt. 1Cleaning Tasks - Pt. 2

We live in a fairly small studio type apartment that we’re living in for free. It used to be my husband’s family’s entertainment room where they hold gatherings but was designed to be an office space. Thus, the glass doors and windows and lots of electric outlets.

We live in the middle of the city, with access to every type of transportation there is. The good side about it is that, we have can go anywhere and anytime we want. The downside is: dust easily accumulates. Even if I do sweep the floor in the morning, when I go home at night, I can still feel a small amount of dust on my feet.

If I think about it, if I just do things everyday like arranging toys, sweeping the floor, or just keeping things in their right places, I wouldn’t be so overwhelmed during the weekend on the things I had to do and even have more time for more important things like playing with my son or spend time bonding with my husband.

Anyway, these things aren’t all mine to do. My husband also shares the house work with me but during weekends only. He usually does the vacuuming and dusting, taking out the trash and mopping of the floors.

I hope we can keep up with these especially that in less than five months, we’ll be welcoming our second bundle of joy and I know our game will definitely change. But right now, this is our reality and if I want to keep my sanity and marriage in tact, I know I must do most if not all of these things.

Top photo from here.


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