June 2018 Spending Update

After so many months of tallying all our income and spending in a small notebook, I was finally able to gather up the courage and transfer and analyze them in Excel. Though we didn’t have a deficit last month, we were not able to save that much. Whatever happened to not spending my salary and just living with one income?

June 2018 Expenses.PNG

What’s so heartbreaking to know is that we spent a whooping Php 14,000 on food alone. The budget supposedly was only Php 8,000. 40% of that amount was spent on food bought at the grocery, 24% on eating out (!) and the rest were spent at the wet market, convenience stores, and sari-sari stores.

Food Expenses June 2018.PNG

The second biggest spending we have was on utilities, though this only happened because we weren’t able to pay our light bill last month. *sheepish grin* We also shed a few bucks to buy some new clothes as my old clothes no longer fit me as I said hello to the second trimester. We also attended my friend’s wedding and bought semi-formal clothes. For the category Others, my sister in-law borrowed money from us thought she was able to pay it immediately. There’s a counter entry for this on the inflow part.

Yesterday, since my husband knows about my little notebook containing our expenses, he asked me if I already knew how much we spent on this and that. When I told him initially about how much we spent on food, he too was scratching his head. Hahahaha! We then agreed to really stick to our budget and don’t rely on the surplus income that we have. We’ll see about that!


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