Are you a crunchy mom?

In my two plus years of being a mother (wow, so much for experience hahaha), I have come across all kinds of mom but I didn’t know that there was this term called “crunchy mom“.

According to this website:

A “crunchy mom” is a woman on a quest for more information.  A mom who is environmentally, health, and socially conscious. She cares enough about her family to question the status quo. She recognizes that there are a variety of approaches to individual problems and refuses to be locked into a single perspective. She seeks to learn more about why things happen and tries to discover the root cause of the problems she observes.

I have also taken this test and my answers were mostly Cs, so that makes me as a “Kinda Crunchy Mama“. And I do agree with the result.

You walk an interesting line — you like a few crunchy things, but you’re not sold on this whole lifestyle.  You’d prefer to pick and choose, doing what works for you, but you definitely don’t reject the mainstream ways, either.  You see balance as more important than being natural.

I tried cloth diapering but it didn’t work for me given I was working and had no regular nanny when my son was born. I went back to using cloth diapers though when he had serious diaper rashes and opted for a natural nappy cream which didn’t do its job so I switched to the more tried and tested petroleum jelly.

I also tried exclusive breastfeeding but didn’t work out with me either. I bugged myself and felt guilty for not being able to do so but what can I do? My being a mother does not stop at not being able to exclusively breastfeed my son for a long time.

As for the montessori approach in bringing up a child, I am a fan of this though I am not exclusively raising my son in a montessori environment per se. I let him be once in a while, he used to have his corner at home, I let him walk barefoot, but I also let him play with the iPad and cellphone (though we’re really planning to ditch these gadgets in his life for as long as we can) and I don’t bug myself if he’s not doing things that I expect him to do when introducing an activity. If he likes it, well and good. But if he doesn’t, we both move on.

If the things mentioned above didn’t work for me, I would like to say that there were also things that I was happy I explored as a new mom: sleep training and baby-led weaning. It’s a good thing I was able to install a pregnancy and baby app by Baby Center on my iPad. It helped me through those times when I no longer know what to do with a crying baby or simply just had mommy questions and don’t want to disturb other mamas. I stumbled upon the term sleep training and discussed it with my husband. Good thing he’s game with it. I’m pretty sure even if I never introduced the term to him, he’d still sleep train my son.

Sleep training wasn’t so hard for us at all. My son was generally a sleeper and was not that fussy even as a newborn. He even once slept for 8 hours straight. I didn’t even know that is quite a long time for a baby to go on without feeding until a friend pointed it out to me. We started out with turning off the lights at regular times and offered “dream feedings” at 11PM. We also set the aircon at just 24 degrees, not too cold and not too hot and dressed him in overalls.

As for the baby-led weaning, this was introduced to me when I saw an Instagram post by Karen Pacia. It’s essentially letting a baby feed by himself instead of offering purees on a spoon. I started out a little late at 8 months but good thing it still worked for me.


So to all moms out there, don’t feel bad about your choices. After all, everything you’re doing is for YOUR child so no amount of Instagram or Facebook post should make you less of the best mother that you are supposed to be and you already are.




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