Recent money mistake!

I’ve committed a very big money blunder three months ago. I didn’t want to write about it because I feel so stupid just even thinking about it. But for the sake of documenting all my money mistakes, be it big or small, I am finally writing about.


You see, I have an officemate who got married last April. Let’s call her Z. We don’t belong in the same department but she drops by our office from time to time and the topic of every conversation was about her then upcoming wedding. You would really think the budget was above the average cost couples would usually spend for a wedding in Davao. A few weeks before her wedding, Z appeared to be stressed out and asked her about it. She had problems with her cake and wedding prep venue. She has forgotten booking her wedding cake (!) and she’d had a misunderstanding with the staff of the hotel where they’re supposed to have their make up and preparations done. We tried enumerating various hotels she could check out. She couldn’t find anything that will measure up to her first and original choice.

Now here comes my greatest blunder: we met at the building lobby and told her that I have a proposition to make. That I know a friend with a good credit history and we could book her hotel through one of my closest friend’s credit card and she’ll just pay after the wedding. I don’t know, but I just thought my friend will agree to it. My friend really has trust in me and said yes.

Yes, you read it right. I offered volunteered my friend’s credit card for my officemate’s hotel. A total SMH moment. I risked my relationship with one of my oldest friends. We booked two hotel rooms for two nights which amounted close to Php 10,000.

After her wedding, she has told us that they almost got Php 40,000 from their wedding dance. So I thought she had set aside money to pay for their hotel. It turned out she didn’t, and had completely forgotten about it. When I told her that the due date is just days away, she seemed surprised and flatly asked me to give her more time. My friend and I gave her two days. When we booked the hotel, she assured me that her partner’s incentives will be released on May 15, two weeks before the due date so I thought she’d have money by then.

The due date came by and still, she hasn’t paid. I resorted to borrowing from our office coop and used my own funds just to pay my friend’s credit card. My friend, by the way, has NEVER ever missed an amortization. And I wouldn’t be the one to break that record. I told Z about the money I borrowed that’ll be due in one month.

A couple of days ago, Z approached me to ask if she could “renew” the loan for another month and that she’ll just pay the interest. I didn’t know what to say then because I was completely dumbfounded that she’d ask for it given I had already given her another month!

This morning, I messaged Z that I needed to have the money on the 15th. She told me that she can’t pay the full amount on the 15th and will just give me half of the amount. I confirmed by replying that she’d give me the half on the 15th and the remaining half on the 30th. She still has not “seen” my message up to now.

Here is a photo of a breakdown of expenses I saw on


If you can afford a Php 2.6M wedding, then go for it! But if you can’t, I guess just stay within your budget and accept that you just cannot have that dream wedding dress from a very known couture or that your wedding venue won’t be full of flowers.

This is really causing me undue stress, which I have been trying to avoid because of this. And it’s not even my wedding. And Z and I aren’t even that close. And what’s stressing me more is the fact that this is partly due to my own doing!

Z and I aren’t close because based on the facts I gathered, I didn’t know she has: 1) unpaid ring from an officemate in 2016, 2) she has outstanding loans from other cooperatives in our office. Or maybe, I just failed to exercise due diligence in the first place.

So to you who might be reading this, DO NOT EVER, EVER DO WHAT I DID.

I will post an update once Z has replied to my message.

Update: As of today, July 3, still no reply from Z. Haynako. Maka-stress!

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3 thoughts on “Recent money mistake!

    • I totally agree! My husband and I got married in a civil wedding ceremony almost three years ago and shelled out only money for the wedding license. Our reception and wedding rings were sponsored by our parents. Never had any regrets about it since it’s what we both want. Not what others want.


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