Baby Number Two Update

Yesterday I had my 16th week scan for baby number Two. It was supposed to be done almost two months ago but the irresponsible me thought it could wait. I mean, I wasn’t exactly high risk during my first pregnancy, so what could go wrong this time? If it weren’t for my cough which started on Sunday, I wouldn’t have asked for a leave.

The scan revealed that I was having these contractions (they’re called Focal Myometrial Contractions). I feel my tummy hurts from time to time but they weren’t really painful. In fact, they’re gone in seconds. It’s like a pulsating kind of pain but just goes away immediately. I also had no bleeding whatsoever even during the first trimester so I just dismissed the pain.

The sonologist told me to give the results to my doctor for further evaluation and explanation. I wasn’t able to reach my doctor yesterday so I asked for another leave and went in for a consultation today. My doctor wasn’t too concerned about it given that I wasn’t having any bleeding and barely notices the contractions. In fact, I just started noticing the contractions after the scan! But to be on the safe side, and she must have seen that I was concerned about it, she prescribed Heragest along with other pre-natal vitamins essential for the second trimester.

At dinner this evening, my husband told me no more going out especially if they were going to last late in the evening, which we have been doing for the whole weekend starting Friday. I must have pushed myself too far and baby number Two was telling me to slow down.

Sorry baby number Two. Promise magtarong na gyud si Mama. Steady lang ka diha okay? Kita ta next month. 




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