Getting started…

Now that we’re about to add another member in our family, we’re contemplating (and considering) more and more on whether I should just stay home and take care of the kids instead of endlessly looking for someone we can entrust our children with. It’s a decision I know we’ll have to face early next year.

As of now, we’re trying to build our emergency fund as we’ve already paid most, if not all, of our payables. This emergency fund will come from my salary, as we’ll be simulating what it’s like to live on one income only. Though my salary is not that much compared to what my husband is earning, it’s where most of our savings will come from. And if I do resign from my work, we’ll have to say goodbye on employer shares on government mandated fees as well as the HMO card. The HMO though is not that of a loss, since it’s not entirely free as we’re still being deducted a portion of the contribution each month but still…

So, can we actually do it? What will then be my game plan?


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