How we cope as a yaya-less household

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Yaya-less for more than a month now! It was truly exhausting and to add the fact that I am seven weeks along didn’t help. I thought I couldn’t survive those first few weeks. But what do moms do? We adjust and change our “standards”.

On Laundry

Before, I was so particular with washing my clothes by myself. No to washing machines, except for my daily clothes. When I became a mom, I also became particular that I will be the only one to wash my son’s clothes, even though we had help.

Now, I am still the one who washes my son’s clothes but we “outsource” our (including my husband’s) clothes, daily and working clothes alike, at a nearby laundromat. I also pay an additional fee for the folding so that when we get our clothes, they are already neatly folded and all I only needed to do is arrange them in our cabinet. I also bought additional sandos for my son so that if I cannot wash his clothes for a weekend, he wouldn’t end up shirtless the following week. Haha!

On Food

As my husband is a diabetic, I try to see to it that the food served on our table is something that will not be detrimental to him, if not for the whole family. We also stopped using flavoring and MSG in our food. When we still had my nephew as househelp, who is a great cook by the way even at 19 years old, I had no problem with our food. I would just ask give him money and ask him to buy everything needed for our weekly menu from a nearby wet market.

To be honest, this is the one of the most challenging part of being yaya-less for me. Whereas before, I would just go home and expect dinner already served on the table. Now, I have to do the preparation and cooking while still on my uniform with a toddler asking for him to be carried! I wish I could say I do the cooking every night. But you know there are days. There are days when I just want to be slumped on the chair and not be bothered at all. So what do I do? I tell my husband that we eat outside or eat at his parent’s house downstairs (we live very closely to my husband’s parents). This is what we do almost every night for a week now. Hahaha! It’s very far from what I have planned, especially with the weekly menu, but it’s the only way we get by.

On housekeeping

We live in a fairly small place with just the basic furniture. It is really not that hard to keep the place in order. In the few weeks that we were yaya-less, one thing I realized that the things that makes a house untidy are the eyesores, such as clothes strewn across the floor and chairs, and my son’s toys. I have learned that if only we put away our pajamas in the laundry basket, the beddings are tucked away neatly, hang the bath towels, and keep my son’s toys in the cabinet, and do a light sweeping of the floor in the morning, I’d get home to a neat-looking house. I don’t dream of a squeaky clean home anymore. Hahahaha!

Update: Totally failed at this! Hahaha! You would cringe at how messy our house is right now.

On baby-sitting

Well, this is the hardest part, I guess. As a new mom, I wanted to some things to be in order for my son, especially on his daily activities. We have successfully sleep-trained him and wanted to pursue the Montessori way of raising a child. However, this proved to be difficult without having a reliable nanny. So what do I do? I just embrace the fact that there is no such thing as perfect parenting. I don’t think my in-laws will let something bad happen to my son naman. It just so happened that my “ideal” way of raising him is not being followed. I let go of my ideals and just be there whenever I can. And not use my cellphone whenever he is around – easier said than done though!

I am writing this not as tips but to let other moms know, in case they stumble upon this post, that they are not alone. You are not alone. Andddd… We can do this!


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