DM Type 2

Sooo.. This sad thing happened. My husband B was diagnosed with diabetes (Type 2) on his 26th birthday while I was on travel for work. Now there’s the culprit for his sudden weight loss (10 kilos in just two months), extreme thirst, frequent urination (especially at night), and lack of enthusiasm towards everything. Day in and day out he would just complain that he doesn’t like working but plays til the wee hours on his computer when at home. I cried silently (as my boss was just across the room) when B told me via phone call that the tests confirmed what we have been speculating the week prior to his diagnosis. I cried because the selfish side of me thought about future plans that would never be realized (ex. Own house in x number of years) and all the stress this might bring to our relationship. What now? We have just been married and have a five-month old baby. I mean, our lives together has just begun and we can’t seriously be starting it with a chronic illness.


But as the situation sank in, I figured there’s no other way to go but to accept it and start our plans from there. It was like having a plan B that never even existed. The only time I have ever researched this much was when I was pregnant. The only knowledge that I have about this illness is that it consisted of insulin injections and amputated legs. I didn’t know that armed with the right ammunitions (proper diet and exercise, medications, and constant blood sugar monitoring), diabetes can actually be reversible. Not that it will be cured but complications can be delayed, if not prevented.

Now the first and probably most difficult part about making changes is taking the first step. We were so used to eating fast and processed food that preparation of a healthy meal is such a hard feat. When we met with a dietitian, another myth that I believed about diabetes was debunked: absolutely no sugar. Aris, who was recommended by B’s doctor, stressed out that we need not deprive B of some foods, but the right proportions is the key. As for now, so much has to be done and everyday is an experiment, especially in preparing not just his food, but our food as well!


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