On crying over spoiled milk

A short back story… I was quite late into this smart phone thing. I mean, when every one else was lugging around their iPhones and Android phones, I was still holding on to my Blackberry 9320. It served me well since 2013. Until I became a new mom, and documenting my little one’s daily activities has made me change my perspective. Suddenly, I felt the need to have a phone with a good camera, with lots of internal memory. So came April 2017, I jumped into the bandwagon, and reluctantly handed over my Blackberry to my husband, whose keypad phone has just died. It was empowering! I could do so many things at the same time. I could wash the dishes while video calling with a friend. I could chat with family and friends while in commute. And the greatest thing was, it could babysit my toddler at the restaurant!

However, things are starting to go downhill lately. As I progressed into the second trimester of my second pregnancy, I felt more and more tired. Blamed it on the blaring hormones during the first trimester. But how come I was still tired? I wasn’t even doing the household chores that I usually did before. Not even cooking that much, not even cleaning that much, to the point that I’d pray friends and my inlaws wouldn’t come by. My family, especially my sisters, are welcome though since they help me clean up. Hahaha!

Soooo… I have a confession to make. It’s something I have been struggling for months now. I feel like I am losing control over how I use my smart phone. No, I just don’t feel it. I am losing control. It’s the first thing I pick up in the morning, and last thing that I put down at night. I’ve deleted social media apps, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, but it’s no use. I can still use Google Chrome that came along with my phone.

So, I am breaking up with my smart phone. There were two instances that led me to this. One happened last Saturday. My husband was on the computer, and I was on my phone, when suddenly my son approached me with an empty glass of milk and his bottle of sterilized water. My first thought was, okay he’s asking for another glass of milk until I asked my husband if he has given Clark a glass of milk, and said that he didn’t. I stood up right away to check the glass of milk in the fridge. And it wasn’t there. Which only meant one thing: he has drank the milk from the fridge. That we had prepared before we left for Sarangani. The week before.

It was a total face palm moment for me. I have thought of discarding the milk just hours before, but never really ended up doing it and settled on the bed to check Facebook or my recently installed Instagram app instead. My husband scolded me. I can’t blame him. If something were to happen to our son, there’s no other person to blame but myself. It was total negligence. Which could have been avoided had I 1) discarded the milk right away when I remembered about it, and 2) limited the use of my phone especially when the little one is awake.

Another one just happened about one or two weeks before. Same scenario: my husband on the computer and me on my phone. When I suddenly heard my son cry. From our terrace! I didn’t know he could open the glass door already, and we were confident he was just inside the house. My husband and I flew from our seats and immediately went outside. The good thing was, even at 28 months, he still wasn’t used to getting down the stairs and would often hold our hand when he wants to go down. But still, the things that could have happened…

My husband and I decided, for the best interest of every one, that I will ditch my phone and go back to my trusty Blackberry (and my husband gets my Android phone) or sell my smartphone and buy a Nokia 3310. We chose the former. The switch will happen tonight. We’ll see what happens in a week.







July 2018 Expense Report

Phew! Another month has gone by. Fortunately, in my quest to put our finances in place before I take my maternity leave this coming December, or my plan to be a full-time homemaker hopefully by next year, I have continued doing the pen and paper thing to record our expenses and transfer it to Excel. It was quite difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, it gets easier especially if your categories and subcategories are already mapped out.

So for July, I am happy to report that we were able to spend 30% less compared to last month. Hooray!

July 2018 Expenses 2

As expected, Food is the top expense we have although the amount was 44% lesser than the amount we spent last month. It was followed by Household, which increased by 179% compared to last month because we purchased a center table (that we have been looking for months now). It was on sale at Mandaue Foam so we figured we might as well buy it.

July 2018 Expenses

So what have I done to lessen our expenses? I have been cooking a lot in July, which really cut down our food expenses, since we rarely ate outside. There was also one weekend where we spent only a hundred pesos (thanks to my in-laws hehehe). I also limited my grocery shopping to once or twice a month, and bought food at the nearby wet market every other day. I used to do it every week (!), even if the only things I needed were shampoo, bath soap, and laundry soap. And then, since I am already there, might as well buy things I really don’t need, like extra diapers, extra soap, extra everything that’s not on my list. Doing it really helped trim down our grocery expenses!




Trial Class at Homemaking

I had a trial class at being a full time homemaker yesterday. We took a weekend trip with my in-laws at Maasim, Sarangani Province, roughly 180 kms from Davao City. While the view was indeed breathtaking and we’ve undeniably had a good time, the land trip took  a toll on my body. I woke up Monday morning with body aches and pains and decided to take a one day leave.

When we woke up at 9AM, everything was a mess. As in everything. We were too tired to put away our things from the trip the night before so they added to the mess that we left Saturday morning. And to add to this stress, there’s no food in the fridge except for burger patties and one egg, and two-day old whole wheat bread from our trip. No choice.

I planned to do so many things yesterday:

  1. Clean the bathroom.
  2. Pick up clothes and toys on the floor.
  3. Clean kitchen area at the back.
  4. Sort out laundry.
  5. Wash clothes from the trip.

But because I was feeling so beaten, I slept (or tried to sleep) while my toddler also slept from 2:30PM to 5:00PM. Hahaha! So much for the to-do list. Time just flew out of the window and the next thing I knew, it was already time for me to cook dinner. Fortunately, my mother-in-law called and told me that she prepared a sinabawang isda for dinner! Which means, free dinner! So para dili kaayo ulaw na makikaon lang ug libre, Clark and I went to a nearby fruit stand and bought mangoes for dessert. For Php 100 only.

And so far, I am really looking forward to just doing the dishes, cooking, doing the laundry, cleaning, caring for my son, and all those other house chores I usually do in a hurry every weekend.



Breakfast Recipes: Corned beef with sayote

Corned beef with Sayote

In my quest to have variety in our everyday food, and considering the diet restriction of my husband, I’ve tweaked this famous Filipino breakfast recipe. (Kung maka recipe, mura jowg!)

This is often cooked with potato cubes but since potato has 17g of carbs per 100g, I’ve substituted it with sayote (chayote) which only has 4g of carbs per 100g.


1 clove of garlic, minced
1 small red onion, minced
1/2 medium sized sayote, peeled and cubed
1 can corned beef
1 tsp cooking oil


  1. Saute garlic and onion in oil.
  2. Add corned beef and stir until a little cooked, probably five minutes or so.
  3. Add sayote and let simmer until sayote is a little transparent.
  4. Serve with brown rice.





Changing the way I look at Fridays…


Okay, I admit. I have not been my best self lately. As a wife, mother, daughter, friend, office mate. Have you experienced being angry and then later you realize you ache all over? I was so angry with an office mate two weekends ago, and up to now I am still experiencing the aftermath of what I felt. All I wanted to do was lie down and sleep all week last week, and couldn’t wait for Friday to come so I can catch up on my much needed snoozes. And the fact that I had a toddler who wouldn’t sleep with the lights off at one in the morning didn’t help to make me feel better. I felt soooooo exhausted.

Friday finally came. And while waiting for my husband to finish his shift at 9PM, a thought came over me. What if I treat Fridays differently? I mean, we’ve been treating Friday nights as a way to finally relax after a long exhausting week and put off chores to be done during the weekend. What if I start doing the cleaning up on Friday and forego Netflix for a few hours? Or start scrubbing the windows and not check social media? So I did just that.

Saturday came and I continued the cleaning. Including a deep cleaning of the bathroom. I wonder how no one comes to our house when our bathroom’s squeaky clean and yet when it’s dirty, friends stop by? Why??!

I felt so great on Sunday. And to add that my husband did a thorough cleaning of the house (while I slept!), I felt relieved that finally, this particular Sunday evening will be so chill. Also, for the first time in three weeks, it was a tear-free bed time for my son. Hallelujah!

How about you? How do you treat your Fridays?

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

Keeping (or starting) a journal


You know what, Chinie was right. I haven’t been posting lately, though I have so many things I wanted to write about, because I feel like they’re not blog post worthy or they’d just rather stay hidden on my mind, only to be recollected during shower time, or any other alone time that I’m not bugged by my toddler.

I remember having multiple diaries when I was younger. It was sort of an outlet, aside from my friends. It was of course a different kind of outlet, because you know, you don’t feel afraid of being judged because you only have yourself as your audience, so you start writing your heart out.

Before I started this blog, I was very active in my other account; commenting here and there, and following almost every blog that I stumble upon. I even tried resurrecting it to a mommy blog. I didn’t want to delete my past posts, no matter how shallow they seemed to me now, because they reminded me of how naive I was before. In fact, most of the things I’ve written there were rants! Rants about work. About love. About life in general. But guess what, even if they were just that, rants, I couldn’t have remembered going through that phase some six or seven-ish years ago if I haven’t written about it.

I have multiple notebooks at home, some were gifted to me, and some I bought for myself, for the purpose of (yep, you guessed it right), journaling. But they were never put to good use. In fact, I unearthed a blank notebook from six years ago while searching for colored papers. It was covered with stickers, so I figured it must have been saved to be a journal.

With the entry of instagram, where I share most of my innermost thoughts (which were mostly about motherhood lately), I’ve written less and less. I mean, I don’t want to share about how crappy life sometimes is with a two-year old. Or how frustrating being without a helper is. I don’t want to share about how anxious I was lately. I want to write about them ONCE I get over them. But when will that be? So Chinie was right, no matter what I am going through right now, I must write it down, and ride it out.

Photo by Dose Media on Unsplash

Not just worth the hassle.

Here’s an update on the post I wrote a few weeks ago:

Up until now, Z still haven’t fully paid her balance. I have collected 75% of the total amount excluding the interest, but not without much prodding on my part. If I haven’t reminded her again and again, I probably still haven’t collected that much.

This is a very painful and stressful lesson for me. I’ve already been through this before with my sister, but this time it was different. Probably because I have really trusted Z to keep her promise. Until last Friday.

She told me she will pay in full on Thursday, but only asked her about it on Friday through Messenger. Why Messenger? Why not face to face as we are only a few steps away from each other? This is because, I can sense that she isn’t comfortable with people asking for payment personally and so am I. This is probably the reason why I shouldn’t have done it in the first place. I suck at asking people for money they owe me.

Anyway, she replied that she will pay me that day. No more other details. However, when I went to their area, I was told by my other officemate that she went outside for an office-related chore and would probably be back late. She didn’t mention this on Messenger. What really irked me is how she made me feel as if I was someone not worth updating on her plans on paying me, that is if she really ever had one, which I doubt.

I just exploded there and then and had left messages on her Messenger. By Saturday morning I really lost it and laid down my last card, and told her something about her wedding. I was so angry that by the time I read back my messages, I wanted to take them back. That wasn’t me. I wasn’t like that. I felt really really bad. No matter how much I rationalize my actions and words, that she deserves it, it still didn’t feel right. I will never do it again. It’s just not worth the hassle.